About Us

Eco Fire specializes in eco-friendly processes to deliver the best service and product offerings with a primary focus on reusable and green products where applicable. We are constantly looking for better, cleaner techniques and products to be on the forefront of our industry. Eco Fire specializes in using efficient product solutions that are better for our customers and the environment.

With installations across Northern California, Eco Fire Sprinklers’ experience and quality are just a phone call away. Whether you need standard water based fire sprinkler systems, dry pipe systems, or clean agent fire suppression, Eco Fire has the knowledge and experience to provide a complete solution.

Our Vision: “Provide the highest level of quality, integrity, customer service and satisfaction in the fire protection industry.”

Our quality control efforts include a thorough inspection of a project after completion to ensure proper installation, whether it’s a new fire sprinkler system or small retrofit for tenant improvements. This commitment to quality is how Eco Fire has established and maintained a reputation as one of the best companies in the business in Northern California. We attribute our consistent high quality and great long-standing relationships with our contacts to the fact that Eco Fire is an Employee Owned Company that hires and trains only the best in the industry. Our team members are like family and we see virtually no turnover in our technicians or owners.

Eco Fire Sprinklers has received the Gold Safety Award. This award is presented to companies that register a safety score 85 -95% in the Safety Assessment Program administered by @Highwire. We are proud to be recognized for our superior safety management program. Learn more about improving your risk management culture: https://www.highwire.com/platform/safety